I like boys that are:

Gotta love it!

A Note To All My Readers. . . . . .

Lost and Found

There is a storm in my heart
It tears my inside apart
I am bleeding and I am hurt
Like a wingless little bird

Then it turns dark
And for a moment I see
The pain that was inside of me
And on a journey I embark

In search of answers
In search of truth
In search of understanding
In search of you

My guiding star in darkness
Like a little stream in the desert
Everything about you seems flawless
But that is what causes the hurt

Your perfect features do not belong to me
You do not deserve my chains
You need to live and see
What it means to be free

So spread your wings and fly away
For I can not fulfill your dream
But if you should fall one day
I'll guide you and be that little stream

So go and discover it all
And know that wherever you go
Whatever you do and might feel
The only thing you need to do is call

I wrote this to each of you so that you will all know that I would not have made it this far without your support. IM JUST A BOY is getting hits like crazy. I just wanted to say thanks to you all.



Disco Days

Gotta Love It

Caught in the restroom

Right when the guy walks in and im half naked on the restroom. check it out. On the second one u can see when im cumming after he got out of the cubicle.

Straight or Gay you Tell Me ???

A Little Gay Pride From Atlanta GA

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That is nice!